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Hull Transports builds every trailer we sell.  

  IF you need to Transport 

Heads between locations?  


Rough field or high speed interstate.

Hull Transports are designed to accommodate nearly all of the various types of harvest headers. 

Headers attach to Combines and are used to gather grain crops from farm fields.  Types of headers vary depending upon the type of crop being harvested.  Examples;  

Field Corn ears are stripped from the stalks as the harvest header passes over the field and leaves the stalks attached to the ground.  The ears of corn are then thrashed in the combine removing the kernels from the cobs.   

Grain headers cut all of the stalks off at the ground and send the whole plant with the grain through the combine where the grain is thrashed from the straw.  

There are many variations of harvest headers with each one having a special ability.  

Hull Transports are designed with a gliding suspension utilizing the same technologies found in automobiles and large trucks to ensure both a strong and sturdy trailer along with a very smooth and safe ride.  With the cost of these new harvest headers sometimes exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars, Hull Transports are capable of handling rough field terrain as well as high interstate speeds while smoothly carrying those expensive units.  

(We do not recommend high speeds for any purpose) Some customers have shared that they tow headers on interstate highways at night at high speeds above 80 mph with confidence. 

With the Series IV Hull Transport -  Standard full DOT approved marker lighting system makes the units safely visible in the rear view mirrors as well as to other drivers in the midnight hours.  Farmers work when they can.  Day or night.  Keep your lights on folks.  "Safety first"

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